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TYPE-MOON Ace Vol. 4

TYPE-MOONエース Vol.4
Release Info
2009-12-24 [¥743]

The official magazine of TYPE-MOON. Released in less than three months after TYPE-MOON Ace Vol. 3 came out, which was very short compared to the gap between Vol. 2 (6 months) and Vol. 1 (9 months).

This issue did not contain much new information, and offered mostly showcases of games, including Fate/EXTRA, Mahoutsukai no Yoru (at the time still scheduled for a 2009 winter release), the Unlimited Blade Works film, and some comics. Also included was an extra promotional DVD that contained the omake theatre Ahnenerbe ni Youkozo! - Fate/wondering journey-, a video hosted by TYPE-MOON's Mahoutsukai no Hako cast with Illya and Taiga explaining the Fate/stay night franchise up until that point.