tsukihime fate mahoyo rakkyo merubura

Shingetsutan Tsukihime Volume 6

真月譚 月姫 (6)
Release Info
2008-03-27 (JP) [¥600]
2009-02-28 (US) [$9.95]

Manga adaptation of Tsukihime with story and art by Shonen Sasaki. The manga began serialization in ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Daioh December 2003 issue, and ended in the September 2010 issue of Dengeki Daioh. There are a total of 10 volumes (73 chapters).

The manga was licensed in the U.S. ComicsOne in 2004 as Lunar Legend Tsukihime. The license was taken over by DrMaster in 2005.

Below is a summary from the English version of the manga:

In volume six, the violent bloody action continues when Shiki loses control of his senses and reveals his true "monster" nature within him as he goes on a mad killing spree. Subsequently, Shiki begins to recall fragments of his childhood memories, which reveal some important secrets of the Tohno family.

Just when Shiki collapses from his killing spree, Roa appears with the intention of killing him, but Akiha tries desperately to protect Shiki. Ciel later joins the fight against Roa, and more secrets of Ciel’s painful past are revealed. Don’t miss out on all the blood, gore and supernatural action in the sixth volume of Lunar Legend Tsukihime!