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Fate/stay night 1

Fate/stay night 1
Release Info
2006-03-29 (JP; Limited 1st Edition) [¥6,190]
2006-03-29 (JP) [¥6,190]
2006-12-19 (US) [$29.98]

A 24-epidosde anime adaptation of Fate/stay night by Studio DEEN that aired from January 6 to June 16, 2006. While the anime took elements of all three routes from the visual novel, the main storyline followed that of the Fate route.

The adaptation was animated by Studio DEEN and produced by Fate Project, a group composed of Geneon Entertainment, TBS, CREi, TYPE-MOON, and Frontier Works Inc. The series premiered on the anime television network Animax in 2007. On July 3, 2008, the series was included in a deal announced by Geneon Entertainment and Funimation Entertainment to distribute select titles in North America, where Geneon Entertainment retained the license while Funimation Entertainment assumed exclusive rights to the manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution of select titles.

Eight DVD compilations, each containing three episodes, have been released in Japan, while six DVD compilations, each containing four episodes, were released by Geneon Entertainment in the U.S. Volume 1 of the DVD was released under the title Fate/Stay Night 1: Advent of the Magi.

The Holy Grail War Begins! Ten years ago there was a secret war fought by master mages and their servants to obtain the Holy Grail, and the result was devastating to everyone. Today, the Holy Grail War is beginning again with new masters.

One such master, Shirou, must now come to grips with the reality of the secret world of war mages and their summoned servants when he unknowingly summons his own servant, Saber, said to the most powerful servant of them all. Perhaps Shirou will be the one to prevent the destruction that had marked the first war...

In 2010, the TV series was recompiled into two 60-minute special edition DVD/Blu-ray volumes to mark the theatrical release of Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works. Fate/stay night TV reproduction I and II featured re-edited and re-compiled content as well as new opening and ending sequences.