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Big update today! First of all, the site's design has been completely redone from ground up, making this the first major style change since the creation of Tsuki-kan in 2007, woohoo!

Speaking of Tsuki-kan's origin, did you know the TYPE-MOON History article was written before Tsuki-kan the website even existed? In a way, the website itself was conceived to carry that article (of course the site has since grew into something much more). To reflect its importance relative to the site, the History section has been moved from "Misc" to its own stand-alone page (along with a spiffy new menu link to the left). The two Staff Roundtable interviews have also been updated to correct several translation mistakes.

Last but not least, TMdb has been completely rebuilt from ground up. Gone is the old Drupal 7 for content management, all pages are now 100% managed through a static HTML generator + some Javascript magic. This should speed up the site as well as the content creation/updating process considerably. All existing database entries have been ported over, in the next few weeks/months we'll gradually add more items to the database.